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Strength & Conditioning Specialist


“only a life lived for others is a life worth living”



Skye is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. She holds an Associates degree in nursing and a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. Skye also holds a Masters degree in Exercise and Sports Science with a concentration in strength and conditioning. She is currently working on her EMT certification as well as becoming a firefighter.

Skye has been a strength and conditioning, and sport coach, at multiple universities. These include the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse softball, baseball and tennis teams, the Reinhardt University softball team and multiple teams at Boston College including, women's rowing, men and women's golf, men's track, and men and women's ice hockey.

Skye is passionate about training tactical athletes to be ready for anything. She is proficient in maximal strength training, explosive strength training and functional movement. She is passionate about mobility and injury prevention, as these will keep tactical athletes healthy for their training, as well as cut down significantly on time being out should an injury occur. Skye is excited to help tactical athletes to reach their highest potential and achieve greatness.

Areas of Special Emphasis

Maximal Strength Training

Maximal Strength training is the clients measured ability to exert force onto an object. This type of training is done at higher intensities, but lower volume to ensure maximum rest times. 

Mobility & Injury Prevention

Mobility designates exercises that will increase your range-of-motion and your stabilization, or control of the muscles that surround each joint. Mobility incorporates flexibility and strength, and it’s crucial to help you squat deeper, push harder, and jump higher.

Functional Power & Movement

Functional training, as the name implies, is based on strengthening the specific muscles used in the complicated movements of our industry. Often working in austere environments, while carrying heavy loads, its important to be able to move functionally. 

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