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S&C Program Design with Max Glaser

Programming designed for your specific needs

  • 45 min
  • Zoom Session

Service Description

The field of strength training and conditioning is driven by research-based information that allows for the proper utilization of sets, repetitions, volume, and rest periods to elicit desired physiological adaptations. Properly designed strength training and conditioning programs are vital to any athletic preparation. Strength training and conditioning programs can improve athletic performance,decrease the likelihood of injuries, and allow for the development of sound weightlifting and basic resistance training techniques. Development of these attributes allows athletes to gain a strong foundation of fundamental strength training and conditioning practices, and be adequately prepared for advanced strength training and conditioning programs. Meet with a certified NSCA Strength & Conditioning Coach for an overview perspective on your unique fitness goals as a Tactical Athlete. Allowing the Coach to identify a specific plan to meet your goals in the shortest time necessary.


Please contact us within 8 hours of your appointment to avoid forfeiture of any booking fee(s).

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