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The BOAR³ team has partnered up with The Active&Fit Direct™ program to make this unique membership program available for our Tactical Professionals! The Active&Fit Direct program allows a BOAR³ member to hold multiple memberships at different fitness centers around the city, or around the country all for one low price. Never before has something like this been made available to our population, this extremely affordable program gives you endless fitness center options. No more excuses! 


Click HERE to search network fitness facilities near you!


The Active&Fit Direct program gives you access to 11,000+ fitness centers nationwide. You can switch fitness centers to ensure you find the right fit. The program also includes access to the Active&Fit Direct website, which features a fitness center locator, fitness device  tracking, and digital workout videos!


A $28 enrollment fee, $28 for the first month, and $28 for the second month are due when you enroll. Initial cost totals $75 (plus applicable taxes).  Monthly fee is $25, and participation is month-to-month. Once enrolled, you may view or print your fitness card and take it to any fitness center in the Active&Fit Direct network. Once the fitness center verifies your enrollment in the Active&Fit Direct program, you will sign a standard membership agreement and receive a card or key tag from the fitness center to check in on subsequent visits. You can change fitness centers anytime at anywhere in the country.


Access starts immediately when you enroll. You have has access to your fitness card as soon as you enroll on the website, and can go to the participating fitness center right away.

Recurring payments are charged on the same date each month as your enrollment date, starting the month after you enroll. The fee collected is for the following month’s participation. If your payment date does not exist in a month, the payment will be charged on the closest day within the same month (for example, if you enroll January 30, the recurring payment is February 28, the last day of the month). Note: You will pay your enrollment and monthly fee directly to the Active&Fit Direct program, not the fitness center. BOAR³ is not responsible for any payment collection, this is a private agreement between the member and Active&Fit Direct. Being a member of  BOAR3 web portal gives you access to enroll in this member only private program.

Your Active&Fit Direct fitness card is available online through their website. Once enrolled, you can sign in to their site to print your fitness card or save it to your phone. 

Already a fitness center member? Active&Fit Direct network fitness centers allow you to cancel or suspend current memberships so you may join the Active&Fit Direct program at no penalty. If in the future you decide to cancel your Active&Fit Direct membership, and the original fitness center membership was suspended (and not canceled), your original membership should be reinstated. If the fitness center is not part of the Active&Fit Direct network, you can find a participating fitness center on the Active&Fit Direct website.

Nominate a fitness center: If a fitness center is not listed on the Active&Fit Direct website, you may nominate them by providing the name, address, and phone number. The fitness center will be contacted for possible addition to the Active&Fit Direct network. Check back periodically to see if your nominated fitness center has been added to the network.

If you have questions or concerns about a fitness center or the program, you can contact Active&Fit Direct customer service through their website. American Specialty Health Fitness, Inc., provider of the Active&Fit Direct program, will be happy to assist you and will follow up accordingly. 

You can cancel your enrollment any time (after the minimum three-month enrollment period) through their website. Your fees paid to the Active&Fit Direct program are refundable only in very limited circumstances. Please see the Program and Website Terms and Conditions on the Active&Fit Direct website for more information about canceling and refunds.

The Active&Fit Direct program is provided by American Specialty Health Fitness, Inc., a subsidiary of American Specialty Health Incorporated.  Active&Fit Direct and the Active&Fit Direct logo are trademarks of ASH and used with permission herein.


*Access to Active&Fit Direct, requires Free Boar³ Membership

Contact a BOAR3 Coach


Contact Active & Fit Direct
(844) 646-2746 
Monday - Friday, 0500 - 1800 PST

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