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Sounder (sound·er) : A pack of wild BOARs


            Wild BOARs are terrifying and vicious animals, a symbol of abundance, courage, and power. BOARs represent fighting spirit, bravery, command and control. A challenge to people who love to hunt, these creatures are powerful, vicious, fearless and hard to kill. A BOAR is a worthy opponent, always refuses to give up even in the presence of a tougher adversary. Wild BOAR hunt and fight in packs, using their powerful bodies and fearless determination to eliminate any obstacle in front of them. Based of these principles, we proudly bring to you, BOAR³.


Balance, Optimization, Athleticism, Rehabilitation, Reconditioning, and Resiliency are the pillars of our program. The BOAR³ program is the epitome of what is defined as a tactical athlete. Shoot, move, and communicate are the basics we have mastered. We will coach you on pain free movements and make you strong in various body positions. You will be able to communicate with trained professionals regarding: a balanced home and professional life, physical injuries, mental struggles, and so much more.

             BOAR³ a multidimensional concept; a comprehensive program to optimize physical and mental health. BOAR³ will revolutionize the way tactical professionals train. Individualized physical and mental preparedness has been shifted to the forefront when it comes to optimizing performance.  As coaches we will strive to impact each and every athlete regardless of their obstacles and the short comings they may face. No one  will be left behind. Our most valuable assets are our minds and bodies.


                                                                                                                                         We fight as a Pack, SOUNDERS OUT!

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