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            The United States Army's H²F (holistic health and fitness) initiative focuses on improving and maximizing Soldiers' physical, mental, and spiritual health. Using these same ideals, the BOAR³ program was born. 

               While the BOAR³ concept was designed around Soldiers' needs, we quickly learned it will also help other professionals within the same population. While our initial target audience was primarily Soldiers, we are focusing on a much broader range of tactical professionals. The term “tactical athlete” is commonly used by those in the tactical strength and conditioning community to identify personnel in law enforcement, military, and rescue professions who require unique physical training strategies aimed at optimizing occupational physical performance.

               Tactical professionals are highly entrusted to carry out some of the world’s most vigorous missions. As a force, these missions take drastic measures on the mind and body.  BOAR³ constructs the foundation to maximize efficiency as tactical athletes. We must not only possess the physical prowess of BALANCE while operating in austere environments, but the skill to balance the mind, body, and soul.


                   Tactical professionals have a complex task of harmonizing a family and a career that creates underlying issues. As these issues arise OPTIMIZATION becomes vital in every aspect of our  lives.  Learn techniques to capitalize on your physical and mental strengths, while improving their physical and mental shortcomings.


                  As tactical athletes ATHLETICISM will continuously be a work in progress to ensure their bodies are readily maintained on and off the battlefield. Unfortunately, we can’t always prevent the inevitable. Properly  RECONDITIONING and REHABILITATING  is a must have skillset for every warriors ruck sack. You'll learn techniques for self care and rehabilitation that will lead to reconditioning and get you back in the fight or the gym.  


Inevitably, our selfless service produces wounds. Some wounds can’t be seen but can be detrimental to everyday lifestyles. These wounds can and will overwhelm our greatest warriors without hesitation. RESILIENCE is of the greatest counter measures in our arsenal that is often hard to implement and without proper training, commonly ineffective.


BOAR³ is founded and developed by military and law enforcement professionals, designed to help our fellow service members, law enforcement, EMS, and firefighting professionals maintain a high level of physical and mental readiness. 

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