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                 TDEE stands for Total Daily Energy Expenditure and it is a measure of how much energy in calories you expend during your day and this is exactly what our TDEE calculator helps you estimate. There are three main things that affect it: physical activity, dietary-induced thermogenesis, and the climate you spend your day in. For women pregnancy is also a factor as it increases the energy cost of physical activities. Of the three, the most profound is the effect of physical activity - usually between 15 - 30% of TDEE

                  Knowing your TDEE is a great way to control your weight. Even estimating it with a tool like our total daily energy expenditure calculator, while not as precise as medically accurate procedures, is still much better than guessing.  As many Soldiers do not have an accurate idea of how much energy they need, leading to a widespread obesity problem. Understanding what factors influence energy expenditure - is a good start. 

                 In step 1  input your height, age, gender, current weight and your activity level. This information is used to calculate your total daily energy expenditure.


                In step 2 of select if you want to lose or gain weight, enter your target weight in lbs, and in how many weeks you want to achieve that weight. Based on this information the calculator creates a calorie surplus or a calorie deficit in your diet that will help you achieve your target weight. Depending on how much weight you want to gain or lose you can adjust your calorie intake or your activity level to achieve your desired result.

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