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Q. What happened to GA Guard BOAR³?

A. In the beginning of FY21, there was a changing of the guard inside the GA Guard BOAR³ development team. This leadership change drastically effected how the program functioned.  As the program began to stale and show initial signs of failure, a difficult decision was made to continue it under the original regime. 


Q. What is BOAR³ Inc?


A. BOAR³ Inc. was created to carry on what was started with GA Guard BOAR³. The bottom line, it was created for the Soldiers. Soldiers have always been the single most important priority of BOAR³. It’s not just something we do, it’s pure passion. BOAR³ Inc. is not just a “refit” of our original intellectual property, we have taken the program and completely reimagined it. We are pushing the envelope even further than before. As a private organization the potential possibilities are endless.


Q. What services will be offered?

A. Most if not all the same services will be offered. Some will be free, and some will be paid services. Everything that was offered before and many new services that are yet to be announced. We are working on partnerships with major brands like “Map My Run” and “MyFitnessPal”. We will also be including built in food, sleep, and habit tracking.


Q. Bruh… you mean I must pay for BOAR³ now?

A. Short answer, yes. There are web portal and platforms fees that must be paid. BOAR³ is a project of passion, but we must keep the lights on somehow, right? It’s no longer funded by anyone but the Coaches. We are not looking to profit, just keep the program running.


Q. Okay, so how much?

A. Honestly it depends on what services you are interested in. All of our workout programs will be subscription based, you’ll pay an very minimal monthly membership for access to the workout programs. Other more time-consuming services such as nutrition or diet counseling will be a small onetime fee. All our programs and services will be going online this week, you’ll be able to see how it works. I can assure you, there is nothing else out there as cost effective as BOAR³.

Q. What about my Active & Fit Direct membership?

A. If you signed up for AFD prior to the change from GA Guard BOAR³ to BOAR³ Inc. nothing will change. You’ll continue your membership and gym services uninterrupted just as before. All new members will be able to sign up as of 1 NOV 2020 at 1700. Active & Fit Direct enrollment fees (25$) are waived until 1 JAN 2021, and it’s now available to not only dependents, but also immediate family members. BOAR³ has officially been identified by AFD to be the “arm” to make access available to all ARNG Soldiers across the U.S. 


Q. Are you still using Train Heroic? I still have access to it.

A. No, the Train Heroic account belonged to the GAARNG and we were not allowed to retain access to the current Soldiers using it for training. Train Heroic is still operational, but the two primary Coaches have both moved on to better things 😉. Switching platforms was inevitable, as TH didn't offer a lot of what we need. We have pulled all our programming off the platform and moved it to an all-new custom BOAR³ training app.


Q. So what app are you using?

A. In addition to doing everything Train Heroic did, the BOAR³ app is a brand-new custom-made training application that will allow the coaches to have more interaction and spread more information. You will be able to track food, sleep, habits, weightlifting, cardio, CrossFit workouts, and running all in the same app. The app boasts seamless integration with My Fitness Pal, Several Running Apps, and several wearables (FitBit etc). It’s really exciting and we are happy to bring this technology to the Soldiers.


Q. When does all this go live?

A. NOV 1 2020 is the official date, but a lot of the services will come online slowly over the next 7-10 days to ensure we are ensuring a controlled access. Now that BOAR³ is available to hundreds of thousands of people versus just the GA Guard, we need to limit (initially) the web portal traffic, so the process is fluid and seamless. Active&Fit direct went online 1 NOV 2020 at 1700.


Q. How many, and who are the Coaches?

A. We have a small team of support staff and Coaches that will be available to all Soldiers. As we grow, the team will grow, but I can ensure you the level of service you received prior to these changes will still be there, as if nothing ever changed.

If there are any other questions, please feel free to use the contact footer below and fire away!

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